What is General Liability?

Simply put, General Liability coverage protects your business in the event of a third-party bodily injury, AKA Customer Bodily Injury, and third-party property damage. Required for any brand selling products to customers, General Liability is a coverage you want to shop to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Whom does it protect?

General Liability Insurance protects your brand and employees from incidents where a customer or group of customers sues you.
When do I need General Liability for my business?
Day one of preparing and selling products to customers. Many brands will even purchase general liability when they form the business before distributing products. A lease agreement for new office/plant space will also require in-force general liability.

What are the risks if I don’t have appropriate General Liability Coverage?

You, your employees, and your business are at risk of lawsuits related to customer injury.

How often should I review my General Liability?

It is essential to review your General Liability coverage at least once yearly at renewal. Additionally, if you have seen significant growth in the past several months of purchasing coverage, you should review your new figures and potential risks. Increased limits in range should reflect increased revenue.
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