What is Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (AKA EPLI) protects your business from defense costs and damages from alleged wrongful termination from employees and discrimination, workplace harassment, and retaliation. In short, it protects your company against lawsuits related to inappropriate workplace behavior.

It is important to note that harassment can come from customers and other parties affiliated with your business.

Whom does it protect?

EPLI protects business assets from litigation costs when an employee sues for wrongful actions in the workplace.

When do I need Employment Practices Liability for my business?

EPLI is a crucial component of your risk plan when you have employees or intend to hire shortly. This coverage explicitly protects you from expenses when there is an employee-related claim.

What are the risks if I don’t have appropriate Employment Practices Liability Coverage?

Without proper EPLI, your business cash reserves and assets could be at risk from litigation fees and settlements.

How often should I review my Employment Practices Liability?

Reviewing your EPLI coverage each year would be beneficial to ensure that you have the proper coverage limits. If you don’t, the financial costs could be drastic.
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