What is Commercial Crime Insurance?

While we trust our team around us, there is always the risk of an employee becoming disgruntled and stealing from you and your business. Commercial Crime insurance protects your business from financial loss due to business-related crimes. Most common is employee theft, forgery, robbery, and electronic crime (illegal wire transfer to personal accounts).

Whom does it protect?

Commercial crime protects business assets and property in the event of theft.

When do I need Commercial Crime for my business?

Commercial crime is integral to any risk strategy when your business has employees. A policy will help protect you and your business from dishonesty and theft from your staff.

What are the risks if I don’t have appropriate Commercial Crime coverage?

If you don’t carry adequate commercial crime coverage, you could risk a financial loss due to employee dishonesty, forgery, or theft.

How often should I review my Commercial Crime?

You should review your commercial crime policy each year to ensure your business has adequate limits of coverage to protect you from financial loss.
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